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Are you looking for a perfect bike for women to ride both off-road and on-road? Mark an end to your search and go through the massive collection of women bikes at our site. You can explore our site which helps you to find the model that you want. Whether you want a road, hybrid or a mountain bike we have all the models for you. Initially, most manufacturers used to design bikes keeping in mind a man's physique, since it was men who usually rode them. But with the increasing number of women riders, many manufacturers have started creating special bikes for women. Today, one can find that many brands have extended their ranges of models for women into this new design.

However, buying the right model is quite frustrating. But you can make your purchase smoother by going through the buyer’s guide. As per the guide you should first, figure out what price range you are willing to spend for your new bike. You should also know your style, whether you want full suspension or hardtail.

Going through the customer’s review and comparing the specifications will definitely help you find a good deal. Besides, do not forget to test ride the model. Here you can easily compare the price and specifications of the models that are available.

GT, Kona, Scott, Cannondale, Gary Fisher, Felt, Raleigh, Apollo, Trex and Carrera are some of the well-known manufacturers of women bikes. If you need speedy commute, then buy a road bike. Speed and efficiency are the key characteristics that set the road bikes. Mountain bikes are durable, robust and versatile. On the other hand, a Hybrid bike is a combination of road and mountain bike, offering a more neutral position.

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By Friday, September 13, 2013. category: Blog

In today’s hustle and bustle of life everyone is going through much physical and mental discomfort by working continuously for long hours. Apart from men numbers of females are found busy in several household tasks like cooking, cleaning and lots more other. Now, in order to get some relief from such tiring activities riding bike is the option to choose from at a very affordable price. Several trendy looking and reliable women bike is available in market in vast range that suit best with needs and demands of female customers.

Women bike is available in ultra light physical structure that are necessary for them to take full control over it without finding any inconvenience. Light weight materials like steel and aluminum are specially used to manufacture women bike that weighs less in comparison to men’s bike and easy to bear the weight of women.

Comfort is an important factor that can be found in these bikes. Women bike has soft cushioned broad seats that provide fully cozy pleasure while riding. They have adjustable seats that can be adjusted depending upon your height. Excellent suspension of women bike allows female customers to get full grip and balance while riding. Moreover, these bikes are fully equipped with powerful brakes to avoid any kind of mishap while riding at high speed. Read More..